Excellent relations with consumers and clients

Relations between consumers and companies last forever, as long as customer and company are alive and ready to maintain steady relations. They are useful and helpful in numerous cases. They help to buy some products and services. Companies produce and look for loyal consumers, loyal and having enoug Read more

Entrepreneurship is a good idea

All the topics are really useful and helpful. They must work and be more and more proper for all of us. We are still aware of their presence in the company. Companies have to be more and more useful for all of them. Companies have to work hard and become more and more helpful for them. We know that Read more

Why people buys by Internet?

Easy question, but if we learn more about human’s psychology we will discover, that buying in “real” shop has many advantages, that on-line store don’t have. For example if we buys in local shop we have access to several advantages like pleasure, because walking between shop shelf, l Read more

Who next after Greece?

Many people ask me, what will happen with Greece. In my opinion, this country will not fall, but will exists with a many financial problems for years. Is that because Greece is in European Union and in Eurozone. All problems and economic disasters makes this currency weak. This is not in business of Read more

Companies cannot exist in the market without plan

Companies need some plan in order to develop themselves in the market. They must be present in the market and must find some business ideas and business solutions. The more of them in the market, the better. We must survive and cannot resign from the business, development and all the ideas that are Read more